Idag känner jag mig fladdrig och ostrukturerad. Inte “jordad” alls. Hittade en övning som man kan göra med sina kottar. Men den passade väldigt bra för min egen del, kände jag:

1. Find a comfortable position, sitting or standing.

2. Close your eyes and turn your attention to your feet.

3. Imagine that you have roots growing very very deeply into the center of the earth.

4. Connect your roots to the deep center of the earth.

5. Feel how deep your roots grow.

6. As you are imagining your deep, deep roots, take a few slow, deep breaths. Breathe slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth. As you breath in, notice that your tummy expand out, filling with air. As you breath out, feel your tummy get flatter, pushing all the air out. Repeat this a few times.

7. Now that your roots are deeply planted, pay attention to your body that is the trunk of the tree. Does it feel strong and solid? What happens if you imagine some wind right now? A big strong wind? When the wind comes, does your body feel strong? If you feel like the wind can still push your body around, then add a bigger root system to your feet. Imagine that you have many roots holding you firming to the ground. Feel how great it feels to be strongly connected to the earth, how strong your body feels.

8. You can open your eyes when you are ready.